Hand Tools

Ladder Racks

Nuts & Bolts
Pipe & Tubing Tools

Poly Sheeting
Power Tools
Pre-Tied Wire Hangers

Rope & Twine
Spray Paint

Specialty Fasteners
Stainless Steel Hardware

Safety Products
Saw Blades

Tie Wire
Threaded Rod
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Drill Accessories

Electrician's Tools

Diamond Bits and Blades
Drill Accessories
Electrician's Tools

Fall Protection Equipment
Fire-Stop Products
Gang Boxes
Grinding Wheels


Cut-Off Wheels, Diamond Blades, Grinding Wheels, Sanding Discs, Wire Wheels & Brushes


Injection type acrylic, epoxy, glass capsule, chem.-stud, hammer capsules.

Power Tools

Caulking Guns, Chop Saws, Circular Saws, Combination Power Tool Kits, Cordless Drills, Cutting Shears, Drain Cleaners, Drill Bits, Electric Drills, Grinders, Impact Wrenches, Jig Saws, Miter Saws, Polishers + Sanders, Power Screwdrivers, Power Tool Accessories, Reciprocating Saws, Rotary Hammers.

Concrete anchors

Expansion type-wedge, sleeve; rod hanging systems; bolt and shield anchors- drop ins, calk-in, lag-shield; nail anchors- zamac hammer screws, nylon nailins 

Screws & Bolts

Zinc plated, stainless steel, hex nuts, flat & fender washers, machine & sheet metal screws, all-thread rod.


Machine screens nuts, bolts , Drywall screws, strut, domestic all thread rod.

Powder actuated

Drive pins, threaded studs, pre-tied wire hanges, ballistic point pins, clips, pre-tied wires, loads, tools.

Wall anchors

Wall-dog, toggle bolt, strap toggle, Zip-it, bantam plugs, fluted plugs.

Safety Supplies

First aid kits, safety glasses & goggles, lens cleaning kits, fire extinguishers, fall protection compliance kits, harnesses, lanyards, ladders, dust masks, respirators, activity drinks, gloves, coveralls, water coolers, hand cleaners, hard hats, knee pads, lockouts, padlocks, sorbents, rain gear, over the shoe boots, vests, Hi-Viz clothing. 


Holesaws, reciprocating saw blades, high speed drill bits, auger bits, hacksaw blades, circular saw blades, selfeed bits, paddle wood boring bits, carbide tipped holesaws, replacement battery packs & chargers, carbide SDS plus, SDS-Max, spline.

Hand Tools

Flash lights & batteries, channellock pliers, pipe wrenches, pipe & tubing cutters, screwdrivers, metal snips, hammers, measuring tapes, levels, c-clamps, rotosplits, adjustable wrenches, socket sets, aligning wrenches, hex key wrenches& sets, bolt & chain cutters, combination wrenches, chisels, digging bars, sledge hammers, screw extractors, files, locking pliers, nutdrivers, PVC benders, railroad picks, pipe vises, post hole diggers, shovels, rakes, brooms, security bit kits, tool boxes, wheelbarrows.

Caddy Fasteners
Chain & Accessories
Concrete Anchors
Concrete Cutting Saws
Conduit Benders
Cordless Tools
Cut-off Wheels
Diamond Bits and Blades
Drill Accessories